Angular Cheilitis Treatment Method – Discovering Treatment For Cracked Corners of the Mouth

The 3 angular cheilitis treatment method methods described had brought relief to some victims. If these do not operate for you, please be aware that there are other lesser-known but effective stomatitis remedial possibilities readily available online. As an illustration, there is a shockingly lower price tag relief exactly where prevalent home objects are employed to enable perleche sufferers. This angular cheilitis treatment method strategy performs by isolating and killing the problematic candida fungal bacteria. If you have cracked lips and you have irritation at the corners of the mouth that may perhaps be painful when you consume or even open your mouth, it is vital that you have to fin some treatment method on this individual condition. Angular cheilitis therapy is accessible and discovering them is an individual sensible phase to make to avoid this embarrassing situation. Take be aware that angular cheilitis can be of induced my a lot of good reasons and can transpire in several triggering aspects. A single of the most popular leads to of angular cheilitis is bacteria and fungi infection, hence it is vital not to make the issue conducive to their expansion. Preserve your lips clear often and avoid making the corners of your mouth a site in which bacteria or fungus thrive. Often, the damp fold at the corner of the mouth can develop into a wonderful site for bacteria and fungus to keep and multiply. Even if you sense your lips are cracked, do not lick your lips or do not moist it with your saliva. Saliva includes bacteria that can aggravate the ailment, so make sure you also moisturize your lips with a lip balm and not lick it. You might also secure your lips with a lip balm that also has sunscreen to safeguard your lips from the harsh weather conditions circumstances. Vitamin deficiency is one more induce of cheilitis and a single very good angular cheilitis therapy that can be finished is to raise your intake of healthy and balanced and nutritious foods especially those wealthy in vitamin B and iron. Include additional green and leafy vegetables in your diet. If you have dentures, it is also crucial to clear and soak them in an antibacterial remedy overnight. Also look at if your denture fits you perfectly. Ill-fitting dentures can also trigger the incidence of cheilitis, hence have your dentures fixed if it is doing your cheilitis worst. Harsh and serious weather conditions disorders like as overexposure to the sun can generally set off chapped lips which can later on create into cheilitis. To enable you stay away from this, guard all by yourself with a lip balm or moisturize your lips overnight with petroleum jelly. Your health care provider may well also prescribe your with antibacterial or antifungal creams that may well aid you eliminate and totally get rid of the cracking of the corners of your mouth. It is vital not to self-medicate if you are suffering from this embarrassing condition. Of training course, it is common perception to be cautious primarily that you are placing medicine around your mouth. These are just very simple treatment options that you can come across for cheilitis and being aware of the brings about of this embarrassing sickness can be your essential to protect against and steer clear of it in the upcoming.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program – 3 Alcoholism Treatment Option Steps

An alcohol addiction treatment program consists of three general alcoholism treatment option steps. These three steps are intervention, detoxification and rehabitation. Many persons with a drinking problem do not see or acknowledge that they have a problem with alcohol abuse. Intervention used in an alcohol addiction treatment program used to be more confrontational since problem drinkers would be confronted about their excessive drinking and threatened with consequences if they did not begin treatment. Today, the more effective alcoholism treatment option consists of caring and understanding counseling and intervention. Studies have found that more people begin an alcohol addiction treatment program when family members or employers are honest with them and try to help the drinker see that alcohol abuse is adversely affecting their health and lives in many ways. Family or friends may need to help start the process of drinking problem recognition by reading relevant books on the subject to become better informed, by contacting their healthcare professional or by locating the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous or similar group. An alcohol addiction treatment program intervention is a structured process where a group of family members, friends or co-workers get together in a caring way to communicate their concerns about a problem drinker’s behavior. Done correctly, intervention has the objective of moving the person (and those who are part of the problem drinker’s life) out of crisis mode and into addressing the addiction. Without the problem drinker recognizing and acknowledging that he or she has a drinking problem, there can be no effective and lasting alcoholism treatment option. Here are the three main alcohol addiction treatment program steps: 1. Intervention – this is the initial alcoholism treatment option whereby the drinking problem is recognized and acknowledged by the drinker and perhaps family members or employer as well. Once the alcohol problem is recognized, alcohol consumption is stopped for those persons that are alcohol dependent. If the person is a problem drinker, moderate drinking may be successful. Many alcoholics at first will not acknowledge that their drinking is out of control, and moderation can often be a successful way to deal with the drinking problem. If moderation works, the drinking problem is solved. If it doesn’t work, then the person is usually ready to try abstinence. Because alcoholism affects the people closely related to the problem drinker, education and treatment for family members through counseling is often necessary. 2. Detoxification – this phase of an alcohol addiction treatment program usually takes from 4 to 7 days. The more alcohol a person has been drinking each day, the higher the likelihood the person will develop alcohol withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from annoying and uncomfortable to serious and even life-threatening. Withdrawal symptoms generally begin within 12 hours of the last alcohol consumption and will be the maximum in two or three days. The person may need to stay at the hospital for medical observation. In a medically supervised environment, withdrawal from alcohol can be done safely, and medications can be used as needed to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Other medical problems that may exist increase the likelihood of developing severe withdrawal symptoms. For example, blood clotting and liver problems are often found in heavy drinkers, and serious symptoms such as convulsions, fever or delirium tremens can develop. 3. Rehabilitation – recovery from alcoholism should include support for the problem drinker once the detoxification alcoholism treatment option phase is completed to help maintain alcohol abstinence. This important recovery support will likely include counseling, nursing and medical care within these kinds of programs. Alcoholism disease education and alcohol effects on the body should be part of this alcoholism treatment option and rehab. An alcohol addiction treatment program can be an inpatient or outpatient program. Medications are sometimes prescribed in alcoholism treatment to help prevent relapses. Naltrexone will reduce the desire for alcohol. Antabuse is another drug that is used in alcoholism treatment. It functions by producing unpleasant side effects if any alcohol is consumed within fourteen days after the drug is taken. Counseling or support groups are often needed on a long-term basis to help maintain sobriety. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can become life-threatening if not treated. It is never too late to begin the process of intervention, detoxification and rehabilitation to help a problem drinker regain control of their health and their lives. If you’d like to see what alcoholism treatment option facilities exist, you can search online for a USA alcohol abuse treatment center that’s located near you. If recovery from alcohol becomes a priority in your life or the life of someone you care about, seek an alcohol addiction treatment program that can provide the caring and professional alcoholism treatment that the problem drinker truly deserves.

New Allergy Treatment vs. Medical Treatment For Allergies

Most often the summer is the time for the pollen count to increase which will increase the suffering for most allergy sufferers. For years people have been looking for effective treatment options for the allergies that they have. This has been a big problem for a lot of people and sadly there is not much that modern medicine is doing for it. There are several medical practices, like medications on the market for treatment but many of these have horrible side effects. This is the biggest complaint that most people have when it comes to the medicine that is used to treat allergies. Overall the side effects are known to be worse than the allergy is to begin with. This is the reason why many people will not seek treatment for their allergies. In many cases the symptoms that they have for the allergies are nothing more than bothersome to say the least. The most common are runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. These symptoms can continue until the end of the pollen season or they may come and go as time moves on. Whether or not the symptoms are relieved is not the real issue. The adverse effects that the allergies have on the person’s body are the main issue. People start to find that they are not able to sleep or they are sleeping too much. This is also the main side effect that most of the allergy treatment medications have. They will cause the person to fall asleep at the wrong time which can mean a danger to the person and others around them. Thankfully there are some new things that have come on the market to treat the many allergies that people have. The new treatments are considered to be better for people because they are all natural and therefore they do not have any side effects. If you have the natural cures or treatments you are more likely to have some relief without all the problems that come with the more accepted and modern medications. In the area of treatments you will find that the natural treatments are a bit more expensive but they are also known to be far more effective for most of the people that use them. There are problems in most areas with this because of the fact that most of the natural health related treatments are not regulated by the government. So the medical community believes that there is nothing to stop the people from scamming those that are looking to find treatment. For those that suffer with the seasonal allergies there is also the fact that you can avoid the high pollen areas, such as fields and forests, during the time of the year where it could irritate the allergy. This may be difficult for some who happen to enjoy the outdoors but you should give it serious consideration if you do not want the side effects that come with the medications on the market. Published at:

Arthritis Treatment: Cartilage Repair Treatment Options

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and affects more than 28 million Americans. It is a disease that is caused by premature deterioration of articular hyaline cartilage. Hyaline cartilage is the tough gristle that caps the ends of long bones in the joint. The genesis of OA is a complicated process that is initiated when cartilage undergoes injury. Since cartilage is avascular and aneural (there are no nerves or blood vessels inside cartilage), the capacity to repair itself is minimal. Genetic factors also play a significant role. Once the disease begins, there is a progressive loss of cartilage resiliency. A complex interplay of inflammation of the joint lining as well as abnormal metabolic behavior within the cartilage itself appear to both play important roles. There is new evidence that cartilage cells called chondrocytes may participate in a generalized inflammatory and destructive process that leads to the cartilage damage. The underlying bone beneath the cartilage is also involved with the progressive growth of osteophytes (spurs.) Bone may contribute in other ways to the development of OA. Since this is a generalized metabolic process, this makes OA different from conditions where there is an isolated area of cartilage injury. There have been a number of procedures that have been performed in order to repair damaged cartilage. For example, microfracture has been touted as a popular option for localized cartilage defects. The theory is that by breaking through cartilage and bone by fracturing it, openings are created for mesenchymal stem cells to escape into the knee joint with subsequent repair of cartilage defects. It has been shown that mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow have the ability to differentiate into cartilage and bone. Autologous cartilage plugs are another option. These are plugs of cartilage and bone that are taken from non-weight-bearing areas of the knee joint such as the intercondylar notch and then “plugged” into cartilage defects. Autologous chondrocyte implantation is another procedure where cartilage cells are removed from the patient, cultured in a laboratory, and then re-implanted back into the injured knee underneath a thin membrane in the cartilage defect. The patient then cannot weight-bear for several months. These procedures have had mixed reviews since controlled studies are difficult to do and the actual success rate is hard to determine. One point that must be emphasized is that none of these procedures has been shown to be effective for OA. The probable reason is, as stated earlier, that OA is a metabolic failure of cartilage rather than an isolated injury. One option that does appear to have promise is the use of mesenchymal stem cells along with growth factors and biomatrix. Further research is needed to confirm the anecdotal reports that have been produced so far. For more information about this procedure, here is a reference: Published at:

Treatment of Premature Ejaculation – Natural Treatment Options

Premature ejaculation is a frustrating and embarrassing condition that occurs when a man ejaculates shortly after sexual intercourse starts. When premature ejaculation occurs, it is something that the man cannot control. It can cause problems within a relationship because his partner does not feel satisfied and it also affects the man’s self-confidence. Premature ejaculation is very common among males during puberty. Most males will gain greater control once they hit adulthood. However, some do not and in some cases premature ejaculation may not happen until well into the adult years. When it comes to premature ejaculation, there are no known medical causes for this condition. Nevertheless, there are in fact a lot of things that may be contributing factors such as guilt, anxiety and stress. Without any type of treatment, premature ejaculation can lead into emotional and psychological problems that not only affect relationships but affect the individual as well. Fortunately, there are many treatments available that can work as cures against premature ejaculation. For natural treatments, there is the use of herbs to cure premature ejaculation. There is the herbal medicine ginko biloba, which improves erections and sexual endurance by increasing the blood flow to the penis. Passion flower extracts has been used to help calm men who deal with stress or anxiety during sexual activity. Stress and anxiety is one of the main causes of premature ejaculation. Salab mishri is an herb that is commonly used homeopathic medicine. The benefits of this herb are that it increases blood circulation to the penis and increases sperm count. With salab mishri males will have enhanced erections, performance and sexual stamina. In India, the herb Ashwagandha is used to help with premature ejaculation, impotence and erectile dysfunction. Then there is tribulus terrestris that also treats premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and impotence. With tribulus the plant protodioscin supports and restores hormones that can aid in many male sexual problems. In addition, many men have sought psychotherapy and found it helps with premature ejaculation. In cases where a man does not respond or see success with different treatment methods, may be an indicator that he has some form of an untreated mental health condition. During psychotherapy, the therapist or psychologist will discuss issues concerning childhood as well is current situations. Psychotherapy can help men dealing with stress or performance anxiety. It can also work to improve relationships and gain better problem-solving skills. Psychotherapy has been helpful and successful for many men as they are able to discuss their frustrations, anxieties and fears – all the while gaining a greater understanding of what is happening to their bodies as well as their minds. There is also sex therapy available for men. During sex therapy, men will learn different behavior modifications that will help sexual intercourse become more successful. Usually the doctor will recommend different masturbation techniques to prevent premature ejaculation. They may also give men other tips such as increasing foreplay and/or practicing masturbation before sex. The good news about premature ejaculation is that there are many, many treatment options available for men. Published at:

Cystic Acne Treatment – Tips For Successful Treatment

Cystic acne is a more advanced stage of acne. This severe form of acne takes the shape of large and painful boils showing up on the skin of the face. If cystic acne is not treated properly, it can leave painful and ugly scarring on your face. Researchers are still looking into the causes of cystic acne, even though many scientific tests show them to be due to an upsurge of hormones produced by the body. The oil glands in the skin become overactive due to an influx of these hormones causing them to produce e more oil and sebum than normal. This causes the swelling of the oil glands under the skin, which then begin to harden instead of secreting the oil into the hair follicle linings on the surface of the skin like they should. The oil glands are in an inflamed and infected state; they are painful and red. This is the severe form of cystic acne, which shows up as red lesions under the skin. Cystic acne treatment is rather difficult; one might get help from a dermatologist who will prescribe drugs like Isotretinoin, as well as antibiotics to reduce the infection and shrink the infected oil gland’s size. It may be very tempting to squeeze the cystic acne, to get rid of all the extra infectious matter present in it, as well as get some relief from the pain and pressure. However, this is the most futile thing you can do. Not only are you going to be left with a scar, but you will have this acne condition flaring up into an even more severe form. Squeezed cysts are more painful and they take longer to heal. Cystic acne treatment means not using heavy makeup and moisturizers around the affected area. The chemical-based makeup is only going to aggravate an already severe problem. Additionally, continuous exfoliation of the skin can reduce the collection of dead skin cells in that area, however make sure that you take care when scrubbing infected areas of the skin. It is best to wash with warm water and a gentle antiseptic soap specially formulated for acne. Going out in the sun is also not a good idea when you are suffering from cystic acne. That infected portion of the skin is tender enough to get burnt. You do not want to suffer from sunburn over and above a bad case of cystic acne, do you? If you really need to go out in the sun, cover the infected skin portions with cucumber juice, so that they remain moisturized but do not suffer much from the onslaught of the summer heat, dust and grime. A natural cystic acne treatment that is very effective for drying up this form of skin infection can be used. Wash your face with a mixture made up of 1 teaspoon each of buttermilk, honey and turmeric in 2 parts of chickpea (white Gram) flour. This healing and antiseptic scrub does wonders in getting rid of the painful cysts. This is also the best natural exfoliating agent, as well as natural cleanser that can be found in many natural beauty recipe books. Published at:

Homemade Acne Treatment – Tips For Safe Treatment

Homemade acne treatment can involve the use of herbal treatments and other natural treatments that require fruits to be used. Whatever you do you have to make sure that the homemade acne treatment you take the help of is absolutely safe and is perfectly suitable for you. Treatment also always does not entail topical application, that is, you can effectively treat your case of acne by consuming substances that are conducive to your skin. Herbs such as aloe vera, calendula and chamomile may be applied if you get a mild bout of acne. A combination of herbs too can work wonders for you. Consumption of fruits helps keep acne at bay since toxins in the body get discharged easily. Yoghurt can also be of tremendous help, whether eaten or applied. The first aspect of homemade acne treatment is the consumption of plenty of water after which comes avoiding of fatty and oily foods. Even processed foods are an absolute no-no for all those who want to prevent acne from happening. Everyday exercise, too, is a must if you do not want acne to be a part of your existence. Remember until you follow the basics of acne prevention no matter how much you try lotions and creams, results will keep on eluding you. A proper diet and good sleep are also necessary pre requisites. Speaking of diet, it is better if you can use sea salt instead of iodized salt in your food because iodine can actually increase your risk of getting acne. Homemade acne treatment can take up a lot of your time but you can rest assured that it will lead to that pimple-free clear complexion you always wanted. With ingredients like apple, oatmeal, honey, lemon you can make exfoliates, masks and moisturizers that can help heal your skin naturally. When you have the key to a healthy skin yourself with ingredients that you will always find at your fingertips why not make use of homemade acne treatment? Published at:

Epstein Barr Treatment – Depression

Depression is not unusual in cases of Epstein Barr – the virus responsible for mononucleosis or glandular fever. Depression is especially evident when Epstein Barr becomes chronic or long-standing.

Depression is not simply a matter of feeling a bit gloomy or sad for a couple of days. It is a serious condition which causes both physical and emotional symptoms.

Depression is usually noticeable by feeling sad and losing interest in everyday activities for at least a couple of weeks. There may be behavioral differences like withdrawal from family and friends, the incapacity to concentrate, or dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, guilty, indecisive, and thoughts of being a failure are not uncommon.
Physical symptoms (which can be difficult to delineate from those of Epstein Barr), may include lethargy, exhaustion, headaches, muscle aches, sleeping problems and a poor appetite.

If you feel you may be suffering from depression, then it is vital that you seek help from your doctor or a trained health professional. In numerous cases, low serotonin levels in the brain may contribute to depression, and can be balanced. Finding kindness and support from your family and friends – like just having someone to chat with is of great importance.

The natural approach to depression is to use nutrients such as fish oils, zinc and the B complex to help support the brain. There are also some good natural antidepressants like St Johns Wort, which you can try out with the aid of a doctor or naturopath.

Music therapy has been shown to be an effective non-drug approach for reducing depression and anxiety. Finding music that inspires and uplifts you is important – avoid sad, violent or disturbing music tracks.

Massage can help in alleviating depression as it releases endorphins or “feel-good chemicals” into your system. The benefits derived from these massage can last several hours. Types of massage you can experiment with include shiatsu, Swedish, lymphatic massage, sports massage, scalp massage and reflexology.

Some of my patients use meditation, yoga and visualization to focus on their breathing and calm their mind. This appears to centre and balance their body to keep depression at bay. It needs to be practiced regularly, preferably every day for best results.

Scientifically, sunshine and regular exercise have been shown to greatly assist with the recovery from depression. In fact, some of my patients tell me that their daily walk is what keeps their depression under control. Taking the time to rest, eating a high protein diet and drinking lots of water are just as important.

The natural approaches for treating depression with Epstein Barr are a good starting point for many. If your depression is severe or not improving please make time to talk with your doctor or health professional

Flexcin Featured in the Huffington Post’s Blog on Cooking with Arthritis

We are excited to share the news that Tamer Elsafy, our Flexcin CEO, was interviewed for an article in The Huffington Post to share his grandmother’s story of cooking with arthritis! We hope this article will be of great use to each of you as you battle the fatigue and pain associated with preparing your daily cuisine and it helps you find joy again in the art of cooking as it did for Tamer’s grandmother.
As many of you may know, Tamer’s late grandmother was the inspiration behind Flexcin. He wanted to find a safe, effective way to naturally help her eliminate her arthritis and joint pain. Since she was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen, her story and the evolution of Flexcin grabbed the attention of Dietitian Ashley Koff and was recently included in her posting Is Arthritis Keeping You Out of the Kitchen?.
Check out the full article posted on The Huffington Post for tips from the Food Network’s dietitian, Ellie Krieger as well as some tips from Amye Leong, the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Arthritis”. Both women share great ideas to help make kitchen duty less painful.
Here’s an excerpt from the story of our CEO’s grandmother:
“Tamer Elsafy’s late grandmother was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen. Tired of watching her deteriorate from prescriptions or remedies that either didn’t work or ones that brought unwanted side effects, Tamer, with a background in dietary supplements, created his own nutritional product that helped her ease the pain and get back to her love of cooking. The key: CM8 — Cetyl Myristoleate — discovered by Dr. Harry Diehl at the NIH in several decades ago. Elsafy included this ingredient in the first batch of a product (today known as Flexcin) for his grandmother, and waited to assess her results. When he didn’t hear for weeks, he jokes “I was worried I had killed her,” but when we finally spoke she said she’d been too busy gardening and doing all her favorite activities to check in. Her one request: “Please send me some more of that stuff, I am doing great.” Today Elsafy’s business is helping more than just grandmothers as the product appears to work on those with arthritis as well as pain from sports injuries.”

Social Phobia Treatment With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Social phobia is a disorder that has impacted way too many lives. People who suffer from social phobia are not living their lives the way they could. They are missing out on some of the best moments that could have happened to them. That is the reason why they need help as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the majority of social anxiety sufferers don’t look for the solution and those who actually decide to do something about it, don’t really know where to start. Therefore I will reveal some information they need to be able to start their journey of overcoming social anxiety.

One of the most effective and widely used therapies for social phobia is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.

Its goal is to identify the thought process and the limiting beliefs that old you back and are responsible for the anxiety to appear in the first place. Once you know your limiting beliefs, you need to work on them, and create more useful and positive beliefs.

After you eliminate your limiting beliefs and replace them with better ones, your behavior in social situations changes as well.

So, the very first step of cognitive behavioral therapy is to identify your limiting beliefs. Then you need to replace those beliefs and create a more rational view on those social situations that make you anxious. In the end you need to practice the new behaviors that you have identified as the most appropriate.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is extremely effective when it’s done in a systematic way.

In order to get the best results, a patient must be guided through this process of social phobia treatment by an experienced therapist. Only an experienced therapist is able to identify your progress and change the program according to the progress you’ve made.

Unfortunately, this kind of social phobia treatment can be quite expensive. If you take into account that one hour of therapy can cost between $100 and $150, you can end up paying more than $1000 for the whole therapy.

Even though the cognitive behavioral therapy can be quite expensive it is still among the most effective ones.

Social phobia treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy doesn’t necessary have to be that expensive. If you are prepared to work on your anxiety yourself, then you can chose a self-help program based on CBT. Recent studies have actually proven that online social phobia treatments can be as effective as live therapies. This is an encouraging discovery for people with social phobia, since this gives them an option to start working on their anxiety in the safety of their own homes.