Epstein Barr Treatment – Depression

Depression is not unusual in cases of Epstein Barr – the virus responsible for mononucleosis or glandular fever. Depression is especially evident when Epstein Barr becomes chronic or long-standing.

Depression is not simply a matter of feeling a bit gloomy or sad for a couple of days. It is a serious condition which causes both physical and emotional symptoms.

Depression is usually noticeable by feeling sad and losing interest in everyday activities for at least a couple of weeks. There may be behavioral differences like withdrawal from family and friends, the incapacity to concentrate, or dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, guilty, indecisive, and thoughts of being a failure are not uncommon.
Physical symptoms (which can be difficult to delineate from those of Epstein Barr), may include lethargy, exhaustion, headaches, muscle aches, sleeping problems and a poor appetite.

If you feel you may be suffering from depression, then it is vital that you seek help from your doctor or a trained health professional. In numerous cases, low serotonin levels in the brain may contribute to depression, and can be balanced. Finding kindness and support from your family and friends – like just having someone to chat with is of great importance.

The natural approach to depression is to use nutrients such as fish oils, zinc and the B complex to help support the brain. There are also some good natural antidepressants like St Johns Wort, which you can try out with the aid of a doctor or naturopath.

Music therapy has been shown to be an effective non-drug approach for reducing depression and anxiety. Finding music that inspires and uplifts you is important – avoid sad, violent or disturbing music tracks.

Massage can help in alleviating depression as it releases endorphins or “feel-good chemicals” into your system. The benefits derived from these massage can last several hours. Types of massage you can experiment with include shiatsu, Swedish, lymphatic massage, sports massage, scalp massage and reflexology.

Some of my patients use meditation, yoga and visualization to focus on their breathing and calm their mind. This appears to centre and balance their body to keep depression at bay. It needs to be practiced regularly, preferably every day for best results.

Scientifically, sunshine and regular exercise have been shown to greatly assist with the recovery from depression. In fact, some of my patients tell me that their daily walk is what keeps their depression under control. Taking the time to rest, eating a high protein diet and drinking lots of water are just as important.

The natural approaches for treating depression with Epstein Barr are a good starting point for many. If your depression is severe or not improving please make time to talk with your doctor or health professional

Flexcin Featured in the Huffington Post’s Blog on Cooking with Arthritis

We are excited to share the news that Tamer Elsafy, our Flexcin CEO, was interviewed for an article in The Huffington Post to share his grandmother’s story of cooking with arthritis! We hope this article will be of great use to each of you as you battle the fatigue and pain associated with preparing your daily cuisine and it helps you find joy again in the art of cooking as it did for Tamer’s grandmother.
As many of you may know, Tamer’s late grandmother was the inspiration behind Flexcin. He wanted to find a safe, effective way to naturally help her eliminate her arthritis and joint pain. Since she was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen, her story and the evolution of Flexcin grabbed the attention of Dietitian Ashley Koff and was recently included in her posting Is Arthritis Keeping You Out of the Kitchen?.
Check out the full article posted on The Huffington Post for tips from the Food Network’s dietitian, Ellie Krieger as well as some tips from Amye Leong, the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Arthritis”. Both women share great ideas to help make kitchen duty less painful.
Here’s an excerpt from the story of our CEO’s grandmother:
“Tamer Elsafy’s late grandmother was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen. Tired of watching her deteriorate from prescriptions or remedies that either didn’t work or ones that brought unwanted side effects, Tamer, with a background in dietary supplements, created his own nutritional product that helped her ease the pain and get back to her love of cooking. The key: CM8 — Cetyl Myristoleate — discovered by Dr. Harry Diehl at the NIH in several decades ago. Elsafy included this ingredient in the first batch of a product (today known as Flexcin) for his grandmother, and waited to assess her results. When he didn’t hear for weeks, he jokes “I was worried I had killed her,” but when we finally spoke she said she’d been too busy gardening and doing all her favorite activities to check in. Her one request: “Please send me some more of that stuff, I am doing great.” Today Elsafy’s business is helping more than just grandmothers as the product appears to work on those with arthritis as well as pain from sports injuries.”

Social Phobia Treatment With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Social phobia is a disorder that has impacted way too many lives. People who suffer from social phobia are not living their lives the way they could. They are missing out on some of the best moments that could have happened to them. That is the reason why they need help as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the majority of social anxiety sufferers don’t look for the solution and those who actually decide to do something about it, don’t really know where to start. Therefore I will reveal some information they need to be able to start their journey of overcoming social anxiety.

One of the most effective and widely used therapies for social phobia is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.

Its goal is to identify the thought process and the limiting beliefs that old you back and are responsible for the anxiety to appear in the first place. Once you know your limiting beliefs, you need to work on them, and create more useful and positive beliefs.

After you eliminate your limiting beliefs and replace them with better ones, your behavior in social situations changes as well.

So, the very first step of cognitive behavioral therapy is to identify your limiting beliefs. Then you need to replace those beliefs and create a more rational view on those social situations that make you anxious. In the end you need to practice the new behaviors that you have identified as the most appropriate.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is extremely effective when it’s done in a systematic way.

In order to get the best results, a patient must be guided through this process of social phobia treatment by an experienced therapist. Only an experienced therapist is able to identify your progress and change the program according to the progress you’ve made.

Unfortunately, this kind of social phobia treatment can be quite expensive. If you take into account that one hour of therapy can cost between $100 and $150, you can end up paying more than $1000 for the whole therapy.

Even though the cognitive behavioral therapy can be quite expensive it is still among the most effective ones.

Social phobia treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy doesn’t necessary have to be that expensive. If you are prepared to work on your anxiety yourself, then you can chose a self-help program based on CBT. Recent studies have actually proven that online social phobia treatments can be as effective as live therapies. This is an encouraging discovery for people with social phobia, since this gives them an option to start working on their anxiety in the safety of their own homes.

Vilantae Acne Treatment Pills

Nowadays, people are capable of doing anything they can to achieve a perfect look. They lose weight, hit the gym, go to spas every week, and take lots of “magic” pills that they believe they cure everything. But, now, this entire struggle for a perfect look is half won thank to all the natural acne treatments available on the market.

Because you know that a clean and healthy skin is one of the biggest problems that you have to solve. But ok, you should use a natural acne treatment, but which one is the best? Which acne treatment fits you best and gives you only advantages without any worry for the side effects?

This is a hard question to answer because scientists discover everyday a new method or treatment for curing acne. So, in time, the market has been filled with lots of acne treatments, skin care product or other revolutionary methods for treating acne. Here’s where we come in handy. You suffer from acne, and you decided to try a natural acne treatment, and you don’t know what to choose. Well, then get out of the house and go to the nearest supermarket or local drug store and ask for VILANTAE. What is this? It is the latest formula discovered for acne. It is 100% natural and doctors guarantee you that it is safe. There are no side effects reported by now, so that is an encouraging report to the effectiveness of this product.

But why is this product so high rated? What makes it better than the other natural acne treatments available on the market? The answer to this question stands in Vilantae’s formula. The d-Calcium Pantothenate together with the herbs extract and vitamin B5 help your immune system to clear up acne for good. But not only the formula makes the diffrence between Vilantae and it’s competitors but also that is reduces stress, eliminating the emotional problems determined by acne. You won’t find anywere else this kind of treatment; it’s unicity comes from it’s innovative new formula.

The best part, in my opinion, is that it has no side effects if you use it carefully.
This new formula has another effect. It cures acne for good. You will not have acne problems after a few years. So, your face will stay clean and healthy for a long period of time, and with it your perfect look is almost finished. Now you have to take care of the extra pounds and gain some muscle mass and I guarantee you that in a short time you will become a real chick magnet.

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How to Make Money With Blogs

If you’re a newbie with a burning desire of learning more about making money with your blog, pay close attention.

NOTE: believe it or not, making money with your blog is free. Yes, making money with your blog does not require you to buy domain names nor order web hosting to host web sites.

While making money with your blog is not easy, it’s free and requires you take into consideration some suggestions and apply a few quick tips.

This article reveals little-known secrets about making money with your blog, secrets that just a few people know.

Want to join the elite of top blog earners?

Here are the nitty-gritty tips on how to make money with blogs.

First of all, you need to visit Blogger.com and set-up your free account. The steps are easy:

1. You create a blogger account
2. You name your blog
3. You chose a blog template

Secondly, you are going to decide on how you want to monetize your blog. If you don’t have your own product (I highly recommend you create one as soon as possible), you should go about picking one, two or three top affiliate products (or services).

These affiliate products or services need to be 100% related to your blog theme (niche audience) if you want to get maximum results from your promotions.

HINT: you get to generate more affiliate sales if the affiliate product you recommend is highly targeted to a specific audience. In fact, the success rate of closing the sale depends on how precise you can target your market.

One of the best affiliate program directories can be found at AssociatePrograms.com

Here you get free access to thousands of pages of affiliate programs, useful tips, money-making articles, researched recommendations, and a helpful affiliate forum.

Besides affiliate programs you can also monetize your blog by applying for Google AdSense Program.

You can get full info about this service here:


The beauty of this program is that you get paid a percentage every time someone clicks on an AdSense ad from your blog.

Making money with affiliate programs require you to actively promote the affiliate product and you only get paid when you generate a real sale, and not just a click.

AdSense is the lazy way to making money with your blog.

After you decide which income stream you want to go after (I suggest you go with both affiliate products and Google AdSense) you need to take into consideration this…

Final tip – regardless your blog theme, if you want to make real money with blogs, you should copycat top blog experts into your field.

You need to spy on your competitors and find out how and why they are successful.

Try to contact them and ask them to share with you some tips about building a successful money-making blog. Most will gladly help you with some quick tips.

You’ll never know when that secret tip will make you a top blog earner and well known expert into your field.

It’s not that hard to find blog expert or spy on your competition. In fact, here’s how you can quickly and easily find blog competitors:

1. go at Google.com

2. type into the search bar “your niche topic” + “blog”
e.g. “dog training” + “blog” or “acne treatment” + “blog”

I’m sure you get the picture. Once you find some listings go and browse the related Web Sites that fits your blog theme.

Make a list with top 10 blogs that you’d want to model.

3. Contact each owner of those 10 blogs and ask for help.

You don’t have to be shy. Ask any question that comes into your mind. Ask your most burning questions. I highly suggest that you do not ask more than 3 quick questions.

Most people don’t have time to write long e-mails. You’d want to keep your first e-mail quick and to the point.

In conclusion, if you put these quick blog money-making tips into practice, you too can become a top blog earner. That’s the only way to do it. Take action now!

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Natural Clear Skin Treatments

Adolescence…what a beautiful period in someone’s life…It’s the time when you become a man or a woman, it’s the time when you pass from childhood to adulthood. During this period everything is changing. From your voice to your way of seeing the outside world, everything is new and improved. I’m sure that you always waited for this period, but when it comes, it doesn’t bring only good things. The adolescence has also its bad parts, and the worse of them is the acne. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. It’s impossible that you never experienced it.

Whiteheads, blackheads, or other forms of it, you definitely experienced at least one of them. Acne alone isn’t a big problem, because there are many acne treatments and cures that help you get rid of acne in no time. But the society and the world we live in transforms acne in one of the most important health problems. How is this possible? With the help of fashion industry which promotes an idea of beauty as perfect, perfect skin, perfect body, perfect hair, perfect everything. To this you add the increased number of acne treatments, or skin care products commercialized on the market and you have the perfect environment to develop anxiety and other mental and emotional problems among the teens.

Every day teens all over the world deal with the same problem, the disapproval and rejection from their friends, or group and even worse from their families only because they suffer from acne.
Now you don’t have to worry about any of these problems. Modern medicine combined with alternative medicine has created the perfect solution for all acne problems: natural acne treatments. What means a natural acne cure? Is it expensive? Where can you find it?

Well, let’s take it slow. First a natural acne treatment uses herbs, and other alternative elements combined with vitamin, and some supplements. They work on the causes of acne, treating its long term effect too. Because all natural acne cures are made only from herb and plants, they don’t have side effects, so you shouldn’t worry about that anymore.

Expensive? What’s that? They are made from plants and plants are not expensive. You can buy them from local drug stores, pharmacies and even from local supermarkets.

If you want another fact to support the affirmation that natural acne treatments are best than any other pharmaceutical treatment, then we’ll take a look back in history. Many ancient societies used the same principles in acne treatments as scientist today, for example Chinese, and Indians used different types of tee infusion to treat their acne.

Are you amazed of the diversity of skin care products and acne treatments available on the market and you don’t know what to buy, then consult a doctor and decide together what is your type of skin and what type of acne do you suffer from and then buy. If you want do medicate yourself, and then ask your friends what worked for them and after that decide.

Any solution you choose, remember some simple rules:

1. Once you’ve started an acne treatment stick to it and results will come in time.

2. If you experience any kind of side effect such as rushes, inflammation or red spots then go to doctor and change your treatment.

3. Don’t panic, acne will pass with the right treatment.

Natural acne treatment – Clear Pores [http://www.acne-stop.com/]
Acne treatment best rated product. Clear pores natural acne treatment products for skin care.

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Effective Natural Acne Treatments Reviewed

Acne is one of the most important health problems of the modern society. Every day, more and more people visit their doctors with different cases of acne, one more complex than the others. The diversity of acne cases determinate doctors to create lots of acne treatments or skin care product. But what use for these entire if some of them can cause more problems than good? Usually these medicines have side effects, so what you should really do is start a natural acne treatment right now. It may take long until it has an effect, but you can be sure that they won’t harm your health.

The first part of a natural acne treatment is diet. It is very important for acne prevention. If you eat the wrong foods your acne can get from bad to worse. It is recommended to eat natural food, as much unprocessed as you can. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid sugar. To be sure that your treatment work avoid rubbing to the irritated places and gently clear your skin everyday by washing with a glycerol based soap.

Another change that you have to do is in your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle will help you heal faster. Acne doesn’t take care of age, lifestyle or race. The modern society provides us a life full of stress, another triggering factor of acne. If you want to cure your acne, then be sure that you eliminate a big part of the stress in your life. Doctors recommend some exercise, mental relaxation, fresh air walks or swimming.

A healthy diet and a life with no stress isn’t enough for a good acne treatment. Is true that a balanced diet is the first defense line against acne, but this isn’t enough. In parallel with it you should try to clean your face using some soap, not just water. This will help clean your pores and prevent infection to take over.

The best solution for your acne is an herbal acne treatment which wills decrees the toxicity level in your body and also works like an anti-inflammatory for skin lesions. The amazing thing about all these acne cures is that they are 100% made from natural ingredients. Besides that, you can create your own treatment, in your kitchen by mixing some natural products such as lemon, cucumber and many others. If you want an easy way to clear your pores, that you can find natural acne treatment at your local drug store, and even in your supermarket.

If one treatment does not work, than you shouldn’t stop. Try another one, until you will find some treatment which will suite your skin and eventually will help you get rid of your acne problems. Whatever you do, natural treatment is one of the most efficient acne cure. Simple and easy and with no side effects, natural acne treatments does it all.

The final step in acne treatment is for you to remember that you are not the only one dealing with this problem. All over the world, other people share your thoughts and problems. They fight every day with acne, as you do. Talk to friends, talk to other people who have the same problem and most important, talk to your doctor! This will help complete your acne treatment and in no time, your skin will feel god again, and you too.

Natural acne treatment – Clear Pores [http://www.acne-stop.com/]
Acne treatment best rated product. Clear pores natural acne treatment products for skin care.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jojo_Michelle/103167

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Face Pores Treatment

Acne is a very complicated problem of our times. Treat it wrong and it could even ruin your life. The worst part of it is that it appears when you least expect it. Whether you are a child or an adult you always have to be ready when acne will strike. Among any types of acne the worst is when it appears on your face, because it ruins a person’s aspect for good.

Acne is not so bad if you think that is temporary, but the scars that it leaves behind remain for life on your skin. The way to deal with it is to use a natural acne treatment to clear pores inside out, without trying to pop the zits. Rubbing the spots would make your acne worse leading to scarring. The natural products are the way around that, the good way.

The skin on your face is one of the most sensitive on your body as well as the most exposed to bacteria and dirt. The products for skin care are a very varied category. There are so many products for acne on the market that could confuse any person concerning the treatment they should choose. Nowadays even doctors aren’t trusted as they used to be in the past; their sincerity is doubtful because of the amount of money in this business. The manufacturers pay them very well to promote their products, even though they might not work.

In our days the society is based on making money, more or less fairly. So, think twice before believing the ones who try to sell you the so called “magic pills”. The natural acne treatment does it’s job very well as well as it has no side effects. To make a natural acne treatment work you only have to be patient, follow the treatment step by step and wait for the result to appear.
There are some products that are meant for face pores treatment.

These have to be used very carefully: doing it excessively it would aggravate your condition, not using the necessary quantity it won’t do it’s effect. This kind of products divide in two categories: face wash products and treatments the work inside out to clear pores. Using them in parallel as well as constantly, but not excessively, there are chances to get rid of acne off your face in no time and for good. And the good parts don’t end here; you won’t have to suffer from any side effects.

I would lie if I say that it has no bad parts, but there is a small price for a great result. The results don’t appear over night and of course there are products that work faster, but none of those cures acne for good and with no side effects.

You only have to stick to the treatment day by day and wait for the results to appear. You won’t have to worry that you will isolated, moreover you become the envy of all those so called “friends”.

Natural acne treatment – Clear Pores [http://www.acne-stop.com/]

Acne treatment best rated product. Clear pores natural acne treatment products for skin care.

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